Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mad Hatters' Link Party + free pattern

Well, the first month of 2018 is almost over. It wasn't the easiest month for me to keep knitting, but I did, despite travelling, tropical temperatures, a very limited stash and other obstacles.

I am on track with my challenge to make a hat each week, so that's going great.

These are the four hats I made in Januari:

1 :: True Blue

2 :: Gray Slouch

3 :: a Field of Tulips

4 :: Bobble Top

My personal favorite is the Bobble Top, and now you can knit that one too. I tried to write down my notes as clear as I possibly could. Download PDF here (204.4K).

If you find any mistakes, or have any questions, contact me in the comments or via e-mail (adres is on the pdf)

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  1. Thank you! love the hats and you are on a hat knitting marathon!

  2. Thanks and yes, I am. I just love knitting hats ;-) (but now that my stash is limited to just enough to keep up with the 52 hats challenge I'm contantly look at other things to make..._

  3. Thanks so much for the hat pattern. I hope to join your Mad Hatters party in the future. Will it always be on the last day of the month?

  4. I look forward to seeing your hats someday ;-) Yes, I plan to do this on the last day of each month and I'll keep it open for about a week each time.

  5. Thanks for the pattern, I've pinned so I can find it again next time I'm looking for a good knit hat pattern.

  6. Oh, should have made a pinnable picture... Anyway, thanks for pinning the pattern. ;-)