Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Knitting and reading

Knitting: I just finished the third hat and need a little time away from it. Ha! I tried to design something different and though I think it's not that bad, it does need some tweaking. I will post a picture of it next week.

Right now I'm trying to decide what hat to knit next with what yarn. So many possibilities...

Reading: An Affair to dismember by Elise Sax.

I recently found out I can access over 700 (!) English cozy mysteries from my Dutch e-book subscription. It's silly, I was about to cancel the subscription since none of the books I wanted to read were in it, when I digged a little deeper and found this. I love cozy mysteries, but very few of them are translated in Dutch or even available in the English version in the Netherlands.

I'm in reader's heaven now.

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  1. Reader's heaven is seriously the best place to be! I am excited to see what you do with that yarn!

  2. It is!
    And I think I decided on my next project now, so you'll see one of those skeins around the blog soon.

  3. access to some reading for free is pretty exciting!!

  4. It is! (not free though, but I think unlimited reading for 10 euro a month is a great deal)

  5. That's some very pretty yarn. It will make some pretty hats. I like to read mysteries, too, and e-books on my Kindle.

  6. Before we left I had fun finding (cheap) yarn that I thought would make pretty hats. Mysteries are my favorite, to read and write.