Tuesday, January 30, 2018

52 hats :: 4 - Bobble Top (free pattern)

Well, this one was a bit of a struggle (my notes were all wrong and I was short on knitting time), but I think I do like what I ended up with. It's actually the same as this one (I gave it away before I could take any good pictures):

Want to make one too? You can download the free pattern here.

If you find any mistakes, or have any questions, contact me in the comments or via e-mail (adres is on the pdf)

I'll be hosting my first monthly "Mad Hatters' Link Party" tomorrow (feel free to link up any hats you made the past month, wether or not you're doing a 52 hats challenge).

What have you been up to these days? Hats? Or bigger projects?
I'm feeling a bit of an urge to start something bigger or at least other than a hat coming up, but I've to find a place to buy yarn first...

Linking up with Frontier Dreams' Crafting on and Ginx Craft's Woolly Linx Party


  1. Love that hat! Sounds like I need to get busy photographing hats. I'm doing the 52 hat challenge & so far, I've kept up with one completed hat per week.... but I haven't taken any photos. Hope I can fix that today because I'd love to join your link up.

  2. Thanks. I can't wait to see your hats ;-)

  3. I think a 52 hat challenge would be a stretch for me but I do like to collect great hat patterns for when I need them so I'll pop by now to take a look.

  4. It really is a lot, but these first months are easy for me; I don't have any yarn to knit something else. I'm not sure how the rest of the year will go though ;-)

  5. I like the design of that hat. It has plenty of ribbing!

  6. I loved the design of this hat so much, I made one right away. It was lovely and easy to follow and really happy with the look too. Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck with all your hat knitting!

  7. It does ;-) That's the way I like my hats the most, nice and snug on my ears. It is a bit silly to knit hats the way I like them though, since I hardly ever wear hats...