Monday, December 11, 2017

This weekend :: decorating, cards, snow and knitting

This weekend ...

:: we got the tree down from the attic to set it up

20171211 007 (Custom)

:: and decorated it too (nver mind that leaning top - it always does that, but it's straight(er) now)

20171211 018 (Custom)

:: I put out some other decorations (I love that Santa Claus. He's been with us for over 20 years now)

20171211 016 (Custom)

:: I wrote some Christmas cards. I have to admit I just sign our names under the preprinted text. Each year I tell myself to up my game, but it just never happens. I know it's strange, being a writer, but I'm really bad at writing best wishes and things like that.

20171211 010 (Custom)

:: we got a snow storm

20171211 020 (Custom)

and that's really rare around here, especially this early in winter (technically still autumn even)

20171211 021 (Custom)

so our whole little country is a big mess right now (we're not really prepared for snowfall)

20171211 022 (Custom)

but I had nowhere to go, so I just sat inside near our (fake) fireplace with my knitting.

I cast on for socks. So exciting. Though I don't know why I find that exciting, I've knit several socks before. Still, it feels like "real knitting" every time I knit them. In case you're wondering about the jumble of needles in this picture, I usually try to avoid the second sock syndrom by knitting two at the same time. I keep switching between them at every sock-knitting-phase (cast on, border, leg, heel, etc.). Works for me.

20171211 025 (Custom)

It was a good weekend. How was yours?

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  1. Our tree has a crooked bent to it, too. ;)
    Maybe next year we will get a real tree. We'll see.
    Your snow is pretty!
    And I love your green yarn.

  2. Thank you! Can't trust forecasts, I guess. But it's great for knitting ;-)

  3. Beautiful tree! We got snow this past weekend too, which is also unusual for us. And although They promised us a warm winter, the coming week is going to be absolutely frigid. Perfect Christmas Spirit knitting weather. :)

  4. Crooked but loved ;-)
    Real trees are great too, but I don't want to set of more allergic reactions than we already have on a regular basis. So fake it is ;-)
    I wish I had enough of the green yarn to make myself a sweater. I think I'm going to save up and buy some in a real yarn shop some day.