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I guess knitting is like blogging for me. So many reasons to quit (for knitting the main reason is my arthritis), but I'm always coming back to it. Last week I started knitting a dishcloth, thinking a small project that I actually would use was more fun than dragging along on a sweater I didn't even like (I frogged the lilac sweater I was working on). It's coming along nicely (I'm sooo slow these days), but it's a bit boring.

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Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore: I just had to knit a hat. I love knitting hats. Not sure why, but I do.
Problem is that I hardly ever wear hats (it just doesn't get that cold around here) and I have lots of them already. But then again, it's a hobby. People who paint don't really need another thing to hang on their walls, do they? It's all about having fun, being creative.

So I just grabbed some yarn and started. I'm not even sure if I have enough of this (it was a thriftshop find) to make a hat, I may have to get creative with some other yarn. But I am having fun.

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  1. I think you're right about the good things of hat knitting, although I actually don't mind the second sock thing. I just never remember to knit socks ;-)
    I do think hats are more fun than socks though.

  2. Love the colors in your dish cloth but .... yeah, dish cloth knitting is so boring. I'm also a non-hat wearing knitter who loves to knit hats. I think it's because the pattern possibilities are endless, they aren't (always) expensive to knit and they tend to be fast knits so I get the satisfaction of finishing something and moving on to the next. And you don't have to knit a second one! The most important hat feature. :)

  3. that hat yarn looks so soft and cozy!
    i still think that i need to learn to knit one of these days. maybe after we move. maybe i will meet someone who knits and would be willing to teach me. :)

  4. It really is soft and cozy. Knitting is fun and addicting. You can learn from you tube videos, but learning from a real person would be better. Hope you find someone there (maybe a knitting group?).


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