Friday, December 29, 2017

Bad hat blogger

20171229 002 (Custom)

The bookkeeper in me likes to keep track of things, but apparently she's been sleeping on the job when it comes to keeping track of my knitting.  Well, not completely, I do have these scribbly notes in my knitting notebook. But I'd also like to keep some visual reminders and I have been slacking on that, it seems.

I was going to post about some hats that found new owners on Christmas Day. I didn't really gift them, but when one of the girls mentioned she needed a new hat, I let her (and her boyfriend and the other girls) pick from my stash. So I've been browsing back to last year's pictures to link to a (grey/black slouchy) hat my future son-in-law chose only to find out that I didn't have any pictures of it. I also forgot to take pictures of the lilac hat I finished the day before Christmas. My youngest daughter took that one. I did remember to sneak a few pictures of the other two hats they took though.

20171229 (2) (Custom)

My future son-in-law liked this one too. A very simple hat from bulky black yarn with colored parts in it. He actually can wear any hat and still look good. So funny. And good to fuel my hat knitting...

20171229 (3) (Custom)

My middle daughter took this one. I made that last week too (told you I was on a roll). I didn't have enough of that light green yarn left (see below for the other two hats I made with it) to make a hat anymore, but I found that darker green in the thrift store and thought it was a good match. I combined a simple k2, p2 brim with a fancy stitch I found in my grandmother's knitting book. She also loved the cabled hat I made last year (phew, glad I did document that one!)

And just so I don't forget these (they're still in my stash, but we now know I can't be trusted to take pictures before I get rid of them):

20171229 (1) (Custom)

A Soulemama hat (my favorite pattern - that bookkeeper in me would love to know how many I made, but I lost track) and a spiral one (my own "pattern"). I had four little skeins of that green yarn and used up every last bit of it.

So... off to knit more hats...
You can see the beginnings of one in the top picture. There was enough of that dark green yarn to make another hat. Or at least I think so. I weighed it and it was a few grams less than the finished hat, so it will be a close call. I guess like living on the edge ;-)