Monday, December 18, 2017

about those socks (or: I made a hat)

Those socks. Hmn. I started out feeling pretty confident. But when I got to the legs, I tried to incorporate a bit of a pattern in knit and purl stitches. I went for diamonds, but I kept loosing track. Then I considered Karen's suggestion to do a simple checkerboard, but I noticed the knit was very loose. I would have to change to thinner needles (that I don't have) or knit with two strands. Either way, I had to frog them.

And while I was doing that, I decided I'd rather make a hat (this is probably not a surprise to you if you've been hanging around on my blog for a longer time). Since winging it without a pattern didn't really work out for the socks I grabbed an old favorite: Soulemama's Rosa hat.

Ah! (sigh of relief) I knit with four strands, cast on 80 stitches (child size), but made the height adult size. I guess I have a small head. Or maybe I just like my hats to sit tight.

Gosh I look old and tired. But maybe that's just because I am. I'd better get used to that face, it won't get any younger ;-) Anyway, I love this hat (can you tell I like green?)

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  1. Sorry the socks didn't work out but great hat! Love the green cables.