Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gouda ~ Antique Market

I love taking pictures here (I posted some of them last year too), but I'm still feeling awkward to take close-ups. One day I will work up the courage to aks people if they mind I photograph them and their goods...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


One of the things I keep noticing when depression rears it's ugly little head is that I stop enjoying doing what I do. On darker days everything feels like just another chore.
The only thing that helps (a little bit) is doing it anyway and consciously remind myself that I do enjoy these things.
Preparing diner actually made me smile yesterday.

Monday, June 12, 2017

self portraits

Mondays are my busiest days most weeks. Since we're still always in the middle of a big home renovation project while living and working here, Mondays are for picking up the mess we made the weekend before.
This weekend we tore out both the ceiling and the floors in our tiny office and broke down a wall seperating it from another tiny room. In time we will have a bigger, beautiful space for the three of us (our youngest girl works with her father in his IT business), but for now we're working on bare concrete floors and looking at unfinished ceilings and walls. We could call it the industrial look and leave it that way. But hmn... no ;-)
Anyway it's kind of silly to add  "write something for the blog" and "take good pictures for the blog"  to the Monday list. I have plenty of other (more important) things to do. But that's what I've been saying for weeks now and I really want to get back to it.

On my camera I found these self portraits I took a few weeks ago. Silly pictures actually, but I quite like them. It's just me, taking pictures of flowers as I often do.