Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Last week I actually frogged two of the four projects I was working on, so my basket is a lot emptier right now.
The yarn (thread) I was using for the blue summer sweater was just not working for simple stockinette stitch. It's a kind of cotton, twisted with a thinner shiny thread and that twist  was causing really uneven stitches that irritated me more and more. I was almost done with the body, but I knew I would never wear it. So back to square one. I think I'll try crochet with this yarn next. I do love the color.
I also frogged the assymetric shawl. First of all that bouclĂ© yarn makes my hands hurt, but also: A. I don't wear shawls and neither does anyone I could gift it to and B. I wouldn't wear those colors (though I do like them), and neither does anyone I could gift it to.  So I think this yarn will go back to the thrift store to find an owner that will actually love and wear it.

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