crafting on - frogged

I actually frogged two of the four project I was working on last week, so my basket is a lot emptier right now.
The yarn (thread) I was using for the blue summer sweater was just not working for simple stockinette stitch. It's a kind of cotton, twisted with a thinner shiny thread and that twist  was causing really uneven stitches that irritated me more and more. I was almost done with the body, but I knew I would never wear it. So back to square one. I think I'll try crochet with this yarn next. I do love the color.
I also frogged the assymetric shawl. First of all that bouclĂ© yarn makes my hands hurt, but also: A. I don't wear shawls and neither does anyone I could gift it to and B. I wouldn't wear those colors (though I do like them), and neither does anyone I could gift it to.  So I think this yarn will go back to the thrift store to find an owner that will actually love and wear it.

The other two projects are going slowly, so I don't have much to show. I did find a project that never made it to the blog though when I was updating my ravelry (I'm notastation, if you'd like to follow me there).
For Sinterklaas my sister got me one skein of yarn. She really wanted to give my enough to make something big, but was shocked by the price. She did tell me where to find more, but I liked the idea of just using that one skein and made myself (another) cowl. Since we don't have really cold winter here, I hardly ever use thick wool cowls. But I do have a jacket that doesn't close all the way up, so something to keep my throat warm would be nice.

(I remember using an online pattern for this, but I can't find it...)