Friday, April 21, 2017

the magic of outside

I come from a culture that has "normal is weird enough" (that's a rough translation of a Dutch saying) as a norm. We don't really do emotions and sentiments (except about soccer). I don't like soccer and I do get emotional, but I'm not normal at all ;-)
One of my main problems with blogging has been that I've always tried to maintain a Dutch blog in synch with this one, but sometimes things that made perfect sense in English just didn't feel right in Dutch. The fact that my blog and its contents kept showing up as sidenotes in reviews of my books didn't help either, but that's another story for another day.
Anyway, it feels freeing to focus on this blog only. Because I do like to share good things, moments that I want to savour.

Yesterday I felt cranky and sad and, well, just off. It had been building up the whole week for no good reason at all and I was done with it. I know the answer is to get outside, especially when the sun is shining, but it took me a few hours (really!) to get myself off the couch and outside. But when I finally did, it worked its magic. I did a bit of light weeding (at this point most of the beds are actually sort of kept up- a first for me) and some half-hearted pruning, but I was too tired to start one of the bigger chores that are still waiting for me out there. I didn't want to go inside already though, so I sat myself down on a bench in the sunshine with tea and knitting. Bliss!


  1. sunshine does wonders! I try to walk daily weather permitting and that helps me with any grumpy feelings. I don't care for soccer either but then I'm not Dutch!

    1. I like walking too, and I often plan to go, but I somehow hardly ever get myself to actually do it...