Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams today

Since everybody seems to agree that it's better for my hands to have more than one project going, I allowed myself a bit of startitis this weekend.

This is the yarn I wanted to add to the blanket, but now it will be a sweater. I like the ribbing and the pattern on the body of this one, but I think I'd like smaller sleeves and a deeper neck.
 I think (hope) I have enough (I have seven skeins - it was another thrift find), but I think this sweater will look great sleeveless too (worn over a blouse), so I'll make it that way if I need to.

This will be an assymetric shawl, simply in stockinette stitch, since the colors make it interesting enough. I am curious though how the stripes will look when I have more stitches in a row.

Switching off knitting and chrochet feels good on my hands too, so I had to start a new crochet project after finishing the cowls-that-were-supposed-to-be-a-blanket. This is the first project I've ever made beyond granny squares (or stripes). Well, the second actually. My very first project involved single crochet, but after that I just grannied along.
But, no more. I'm actually following a (simple) pattern here and it's coming along nicely. I hope to have enough of this yarn (four more skeins) to make a scarf.

The summer sweater is still growing nice and steady.

So there you have it. I'm working on four bigger projects now (and to be honest I have some plans for more).
Part of me finds this scary. I'm usually a deadline kind of girl (finish this first by... then start...) and my recovering-from-burnout brain had some difficulties adapting to this. But this morning I reached into my basket and realized I don't have to worry about what to make next for a while. I can just keep on knitting (and crocheting) without thinking too much about it and start new projects when I feel like it, not when the timing is exactly right.
That actually feels relaxing. And that's what this crafting thing is supposed to be, isn't it?