granny stripes

Wel, I had such grand plans. It really was supposed to be a blanket.
But it didn't work out so well. Too little yarn (it was a bag of scraps). I intended to add some other yarn from my stash, but it didn't feel right. It was the wrong color to go with the rest and not the color I'd like in a blanket. Also I couldn't stop thinking about how it was enough to make a sweater and how I would love a sweater in that color (lilac - I'll show you tomorrow).

While I was making the first part of the intended blanket (I planned to make two striped strips and add squares between them), my husband kept commenting that those would make nice scarfs. And I said: "No, they're too short."
But when my first plan backfired, I reconsidered his idea and made cowls.

That was a good call. I actually love the colors with my black coat and it feels so soft and light. So I think I'll be using one of them myself and put one aside as a gift.

The squares? Those won't be wasted too. On the pile for KAS they go. There's still some of that yarn left, but I'm thinking there might be enough for a hat and I haven't made a hat for hmn... a few months, so it's time ;-)