Tuesday, April 18, 2017

crafting on - sort of

Joining Nicole's Crafting On today. Here's what I'm working on:

:: a granny stripe blanket. But I already know it won't be just stripes, since I simply don't have enough of that yarn. This was a bag of scraps (mostly angora) that I found at the thrift shop. I have some lilac mohair that I plan to add, hoping it will be enough to make this at least a baby blanket.

:: a summer sweater. Knitting has been hard for me lately (arthritis), but right now it seems to be less painful. I hope to keep it that way. I have so many plans...

:: during my blogging hiatus there wasn't much crafting (yes, there is a connection- no crafting, no blogging, or maybe 'not feeling like crafting' is the same thing as 'not feeling like blogging'. I don't know, but I always come back to both). A few weeks ago though, I itched to just make something, so I made some granny squares for KAS.

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