yarn along

 joining Ginny's yarn along

Knitting: I cast on a hat last Monday, but this morning I frogged it. Too small. Oh well, it was the distraction I needed at that point and I'll cast on another hat with that soft grey yarn soon. But first I'll start something with that lovely green yarn my sister gave me.

Reading: The girls got me that magazine. I love looking at cozy pictures like that, though I learned the hard way that it doesn't translate too well into my own home and life. I'm also reading another Nora Roberts trilogy and when I finish that I look forward to read some Christmas stories.

So what are you knitting/making and reading?


  1. sometimes just looking is good.
    and then making our own home into what we need. your home always looks lovely to me. ;) probably because you live there and i would love to visit you someday!


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