Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yarn along

I'm joining Ginny's yarn along today.

Knitting: Yeah, I know, I'm boring. Still potholders. Progress is slow. I haven't been knitting a lot these days. Mostly because I'm writing a lot (trying to do Nanowrimo this month - I will post about that soon, I hope). My hands need rest after full days on the keyboard.

Reading: Same story. When I'm writing, I hardly read. I am reading bits and pieces of the book pictured though. I don't think there's an English edition, but the title would translate as "Food on earth". It has lots of information about historic and recent food related traditions all over the world, accompanied by traditional recipes. So far, I like it.

So what are you knitting and reading?


  1. Sounds like an interesting book.
    I wonder what your's is about? What genre?

    1. Like most of my other books it's a mix of romance and whodunnit, though I'm trying to add a little ghost story plot to shake things up a bit ;-)

  2. boring is good though, I love doing repetitive knitting. What are you writing? I like mysteries but rarely read them....I should embark in that genre!

    1. I love mysteries. I have every book Agatha Christie ever wrote.
      I would love to write a true mysterie one day.
      I usually write a mix of romantic/family stories and mystery, but the romance/family part is always stronger.