Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom

The weather outside is ::::
well, it's November, in the Netherlands. so it's cloudy and dark and rainy.

On the breakfast plate this morning ::::
Two cooked eggs. Always. Enough for me to keep going till noon. (and coffee, of course)

As I look outside my window :::
We had a storm yesterday that blew off a lot of the leaves of the tree I see from my window. Sad to see them go... I can see the "for sale" sign at the neigbors now, though. Hope it changes to "sold" soon, that house has been empty too long.

Right now I am ::::
Thinking about cooking and cleaning, but I'm supposed to be writing. I finally found out what's bothering my main characters so I hope I can rewrite the first part of the book and then finally get going on the rest.

As I look around the house ::::
I'm glad to report that last weekend's renovation mess is cleared again. We tore down a wall (don't know how to say that in English, a wall that's built in front of an outside wall for isolation) and built it back up again. Next week will be all about the wall paper.

On today's to do list ::::
- cleaning (finished - sort of)
- laundry and change beds (half way through)
- write blogposts (in the middle of it)
- make soup
- a skype meeting with the committee of the Dutch Romance Writer's Association (I volunteered to be their new secretary after February, but I'm joining meetings already to prepare to take over from the current secretary) (had the meeting this morning)
- work on book (started)

Happening this week ::::
nothing special.
I want to do a deep clean of the kitchen before I start baking and cooking for Sinterklaas. Oh, and I need to sort through the gifts I already bought and buy the rest of it.
I also hope to get a lot of writing done. I sort of gave up on Nanowrimo already, but I hope to get back on track with that book. And then there's that story I want to finish for a contest.

Currently reading ::::
Nora Roberts. I somehow always end up reading her books as inspiration when I'm deep into writing myself

On the TV today ::::
We don't have/watch TV and I try to keep myself from watching Youtube. I have to admit though that this morning I watched John and Sherry's new house tour.

On the menu this week ::::
I don't menu plan, but I need to make stew (bought beef for it that needs to be used by tomorrow). I guess I'll combine that with some mash (kale, carrot/onion or sauerkraut). And I bought chicory that needs to be used this week.

What I am creating at the moment ::::
Still working on the potholders, but I am getting there. Only four squares to go.

New recipe I tried or want to try this week ::::
If I can find the time I'd like to try these gluten free cinnamon rolls

Favorite photo from the camera ::::

Inspirational Quote ::::
The secret of getting ahead is getting started - Agatha Christie


  1. Enjoy your week. I love to read. I review books. I love Nora Roberts too. I'd love to read you works. But they are in Dutch? That is cool.
    I hope you manage to get your characters sorted out.
    It was nice meeting you today at HHM. I linked too.

    1. Thanks for visiting! If I ever write a story in English (a dear blogging friend keeps telling me I should, so maybe some day I will) I'll send it to you to review ;-)

  2. loved reading about your thoughts, I'm glad you figured out what you want your characters to do. I love that you are focused and having fun. I have so much to do for the Thanksgiving holiday and I hope I am ready in time!

    1. Hope you do finish in time and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. What a beautiful photo! How interesting to be a writer! glad to hear the thoughts are flowing. I love Nora Roberts too! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you! And yes, it's interesting. Also hard work though ;-) Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving (we don't have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands)

  4. I haven't had beef stew in ages! Enjoy your week!

    I hope you'll consider joining in the 2017 PenPal Sign-ups on my blog:


    1. I saw it on your blog and I'm thinking about it, sounds like fun. I am considering if I would be able to keep up with it though, I would hate to disappoint people waiting for letters from me ;-)

  5. hello, dear G,

    i think i will take this list today - and use it on my blog - because it is monday, and i am at home.

    it sounds like you got your renovations cleaned up in time for sinterklaas celebrations. i hope today is merry and bright for you!


    1. Yes, we did get it cleaned up. Most of it ;-)

  6. I'm so sorry I'm only now coming by to say hi, but it's been so crazy around here :) Welcome to the Happy Homemaker Monday, so glad to see a new face.

    I enjoyed reading your list. I also enjoy Nora Roberts so it was nice to see someone else who enjoys her just as much.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week.

    1. No problem, I know how it goes (like skipping a week and posting on Tuesday the next week). Thanks for visiting ;-)