Monday, November 14, 2016

A hat for fun

Last Friday night I turned off my computer for the weekend, reached for my knitting basket and decided that in fact I really didn't feel like knitting. So I did a bit of light reading (Nora Robert's Gallaghers trilogy). About half way the book I suddenly realized I did feel like knitting, but I just didn't want to make potholder squares (still 12 to go).

So I grabbed some scraps of yarn and decided to make something fun. A hat. Yes, that's what I call fun ;-)
I didn't really have a plan, just picked some colors that looked nice together and started to knit something not plain garter or stockinette.

I messed around with twist ribs, a bit of texture and even cables.
And on Sunday morning I ended up with a hat that is actually wearable.

Maybe I should just give them all hats (again)...


  1. this is so pretty! i would wear it! i hope you do!

    1. I think I will! (once it finally gets cold here ;-) )