ten things that make me happy today

:: the gorgeous misty sunrise I witnessed this morning

:: looking back at a full but fun weekend

:: seeing the pile of bags I sewed this weekend (more on that later)

:: the bittersweet anticipation of our youngest girl moving out soon

:: family visits

:: thinking up a meal to cook for todays family visit, without having to drive to the supermarket.

:: remembering I planted four leeks in the garden. I think I'll go and see if I can add those to my planned stir fry.

:: my oldest daughter being my hairdresser. I've never been disappointed after a dye or a cut since she took over.

:: autumn flowers

:: knitting (of course ;-)  )

Wishing you all a wonderful start of your week!


  1. Oh that last child moving out is bittersweet! I have two children both adults and they've been out of the house for a while. I do not miss the mess but I do miss them being here :) I love leek potato soup :)

    1. I got to try that some time. Sounds tasty.
      And yes, I don't miss the mess, but I do miss them. Exactly!


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