Thursday, October 13, 2016

A stack of bags

It seems every time I post about sewing I want to write I  f i n a l l y  did some sewing. Well, that's what it feels like. And I guess it's the truth too.

The last time I sewed something was in June. And then I bought a lot of fabric (vintage pillowcases mostly) and planned to make some bags with them. Which I f i n a l l y did this weekend. ;-)

Well, actually I made two of them a few weeks ago, but then perfectionism jumped into the game and I got stuck.
But this Friday I told myself I just needed some simple bags, nothing fancy. I wasn't going to give them as presents, I wasn't going to sell them, I just needed bags to hold stuff.

I guess I have to explain this. Since January it's prohibited by law in our country to give out free plastic bags in shops. I am glad about that, because I already carried my own grocery bags and tried not to accept the plastic ones. But I often had to ask to take my goods out of the bag they already put it in before I could say I didn't want it and sometimes I just didn't and took the plastic bag. I also got plastic bags from my mother when we exchanged magazines and books, so they were always around. I guess I used them more often than I thought, because I did notice we were running out of them. And that's why I wanted to sew some bags.

So I did. And once I let go of too high expectations, I was on a roll. I made 5 bags that Friday and then Sunday, when I knew exactly what I was doing, I made 14 more.
I reused the seams of the pillowcases and found a way to make two bags out of one pillowcase with hardly any scraps left. They're just the size I want them, not full sized grocery bags, but big enough to hold a stack of magazines, or a knitting project, or anything else I used to grab a plastic bag for. Mission accomplished.


  1. and they are so pretty and cheerful!
    the green and orange flower print reminds me of fabric you sent me years ago. :)
    and a lot of these remind me of pieces in the quilt you made for me.
    enjoy using your bright bags!
    (and i love that plastic bags are out-lawed! i wish they would out-law them here! i sometimes bring reusables with me - i just need to more often!)

    1. Yes, it's amazing how many of these are similar to the ones I bought years ago! I guess there wasn't a lot of choice back then (or I pick the same ones over and over, that could be it too) ;-)
      The silly thing about those plastic bags is that shops are still allowed to give them out, but they have to charge for them. Mostly it's just 5 cents, I even ran into a shop that charged 1 cent. But somehow people are more conscious about bags because of that and just don't buy them. Also, we're Dutch, we're cheap ;-)