Friday, August 26, 2016

Rambling and some garden pictures

Well, it has been quite a while again, hasn't it? What can I say... I actually have been really busy. I don't know what I was thinking, I really like my summers to be quite lazy, but it happened.

It started with that last post about photography. I was hatching some plans to do more with it (yes I know, I said I wouldn't, but it seems inevitable to go there everytime I really try to reconnect with my camera), so I set up a blog just for photography, explored how to sell prints, did a lot of shooting and editing. And then... well, I got overwhelmed (and disappointed in my abilities, but that's another story).

I came to a place were I realized that maybe I should choose between writing and photography, because both take a lot of time and I also have my family, my house, my garden and my bookkeeping to take care of. But I couldn't choose. While I love photography, writing is also very important to me. And that set me off on a whole lot of ideas to do more than just write a book and then wait for my publisher to send me a (tiny) cheque.

To grow my public I decided I needed to connect with readers, build a "tribe", give something back. I wrote a story that will be published in short episodes, I designed and wrote a newsletter that will have extras for my subscribers and I wrote a list of ideas to revive my Dutch blog, focussing on writing, not my personal life.
And of course I thought it would be fun to start all that on September 1st. You know, since I like a good deadline.

Anyway, my summer was busy. So maybe it was a good thing that we hardly had a real summer until now. We've had an amazing amount of cold, wet days. There were also good days, but always just one or two, before it started raining again..
Right now I am (almost) done preparing for those September ideas (all in Dutch, sorry - I am contemplating translating some of my short stories, but that will take time). And somehow nature decided to give us a bit of summer after all. Forecasts are actually good for the next two weeks.

So... here's to the rest of summer. And to taking pictures that won't sell, but that will remind me of the good times.

Oh wait, that's what I actually set out to put into words (I got sidetracked obviously). While I was working on my Dutch blog, I was also thinking about this one, it's very few readers and what to do with it. And I realized (again) I really want to continue it to be what it always has been. some knitting, some sewing, some gardening, some family fun, some rambling about being too busy and about me trying to savor summer...

Well, so now I wrote all these words and I guess all I really want to say is: here are some garden pictures ;-)


  1. i love your garden pictures.
    and i love hearing from you - even when you are trying to figure out what to share. :)
    please keep posting bits of your life. i miss you when you don't.
    hugs and love,

  2. also - I think what you are doing with your serial story and some of your other writing ideas is great! {maybe i just need to learn dutch, so i can read that, too!}