Right now I am...

:: thinking about this interview a lot. What hit me was this: it's not "fake" to focus on the good stuff (that's the feeling I get when real life gets overwhelming and then I stop blogging), it's meditation. Thank you, Amanda. I do need some meditation.

:: focusing on the early summer goodness we got the last few days. It's great to be outside a lot again.

:: happy that I found back my knitting mojo. Working on two projects, itching to start more (yes, still matching my outfit to my knitting ;-)  ).

:: even happier that I finally sat down and sewed something yesterday.

:: feeling silly for being so proud of the few simple things I made (but I am and I'll show you in another blogpost).

:: hearing birds sing

:: itching to get outside and work in the garden while the weather is still good (maybe I'll just ignore the bookkeeping I need to do for a while? It will be raining again soon)