Right now I am...

... thinking about the lovely fabrics I bought lately and what I want to make with them

... sitting in a bedroom that needs a thorough dusting and cleaning

... telling myself to get to that first

... looking back on a wonderful weekend

... looking forward to a wonderful summer

... planning to fully enjoy every bit of sunshine we get (today? raining again, but they say by the end of the week we'll get good weather)

... also planning to have fun inside (sewing!) when it's raining (after getting rid of all that dust, that is)

... wishing you all a wonderful start of your week


  1. what pretty fabrics on your line!
    i have been enjoying summery things - swimming with my kiddos, fishing with my hubby, walking with our dog, collecting rocks on my own . . .
    i hope you get many sunshiney days to enjoy!

    1. I've been on a fabric shopping binge ;-) Now to find some time to actually sew..
      Your summery things sound great! I hope we get a bit more summer too (today is cold and rainy again)


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