In the garden

You may remember we've been building our garden for years now (oh, I really need to restore those archives, I'd love to link back to that work in progress).
This year, I promised myself, will be the year we finish it. Completely.

A few months ago T. and I were talking about the garden and what to do with it. I was not sure I was up to growing vegetables again and all winter I had been feeling a longing for a garden that was alive and interesting (as opposed to empty - or overgrown with weeds - as it was). T. felt the same way. "Wintergreens and texture" was what he wanted. And I added "flowers, lots of flowers" to the wishlist (since we can't have flowers inside due to severe hayfever suffering family members, I really want flowers outside). So that's what we went for.

Over the past months I have had so much fun buying shrubs and plants that met our qualifications. I know, it's a wild mess, so many different plants, so many different colors and textures. But we love it. It's exactly what we wanted.
I love going out into the garden now, there's always so much going on, so much to see and enjoy. 

So, no edibles at all? Hmnn, couldn't let that happen, now could I? Well, there are a few herbs hiding between those other plants (thyme, rosemary, borage, laurel). And we still have the roof terrace so I planted some herbs, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce there.

I may or may not be planning to find more containers and plant more vegetables...


  1. your garden is lovely!
    and that bee!

    1. Thank you! We get a lot of bees and even more bumblebees. I love that. We also get a lot of snails, but that's another story ;-)


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