A little bit of sewing

So, last Monday I finally did some sewing. I can hardly remember how long it's been since I simply sat down and actually made something like that.
Oh, there were some curtains to be shortened and I made some pillow covers, but that was it for a long, long time.
I have to admit I felt a bit nervous when I laid out the fabrics and tried to remember how exactly I used to wing making something as simple as a tea-cozy. But then I just started (ha! that's the trick, you know) and everything clicked.
I made this cozy just like the one I made before, years ago (that one got burnt on the stove by one of the girls, ahem - no personal accidents, luckily), quilting cotton batting (an old molton) to all pieces and stitching a lined "bag" with it, that can be used both sides.

As simple as that. No more cold tea. This has been on my to do list for years and it was so simple...

Then I turned to another thing that had been on my mind for a while. I found myself looking at all kinds of little pouches to replace the very ugly ones I had in my purse, but I kept thinking I could easily make those myself. So I finally did.

The tiny one holds my medicines and some first aid stuff, the green one holds sanitary pads and the big one holds those and everything else on the picture (sometimes even more). Why? Because it's so much easier to find stuff if you keep the small things together. And because I like an organized purse ;-)