Some knitting

Well, this post is going to be all over the place, but I thought it would be fun to continue my weekly knitting updates ;-)

I finished the second pair of slippers, this pattern. I used some leftover yellow yarn from this cowl.

Then I added the rest of the yellow yarn to the scrapblanket and found myself knitting up a few other scraps. That took about all of my week.

I decided not to add the scraps of my cardigan, but to knit a little belt first, since it's a bit wide.

And after I finish that? Well, I just added some lovely yarn to my stash, so I'm dreaming about all the things I can make with this... 

I'm thinking a shawl with the two colors of wool and a summer scarf with the black (it's linen).

And this could be a nice summer sweater, I think. And then there's my older, but equally lovely stash, that houses a possible pair of socks, one or two grocery nets and another sweater.
Oh, the choices to make... ;)