Something to sit on

Somehow finding the right dining room chairs has been a struggle for me ever since we decided to get rid of the ones we bought when we got married.
It seemed logical back then. The chairs were old and cheap thrift shop finds and at that point we were buying modern and new furniture for our new house (the house before the one before this one -  this was 20 years ago, oh my).
I wasn't too happy about the new chairs and we switched them again and again and a few years ago I landed om some cheap ikea chairs because I just couldn't find what I really wanted within my budget. Oh well. They did the job. After all, you need chairs just to have something to sit on, don't you?

But every once in a while I thought about those very first chairs. Sturdy, simple oak chairs that probably would still be sturdy and useful. And that would fit our style once again (the modern look didn't last long - it just doesn't feel right for us).
So, last week I found these chairs at the thrift shop. They're less simple then our old chairs (that didn't have the woodcarving nor the cushioned back), but they feel the same. Old, sturdy, lasting a life time. So home they came.

It's like they've always been here. I love them.


  1. I love them, good choice! We're sill on the ikea chairs until we find some others :)

    1. Thanks! And well, like I said, those Ikea chairs do what they're supposed to - provide something to sit on ;-) But I hope you find some good ones soon too!

  2. those are so great! :)
    and i am on the look-out for the right dining room table chairs, too!

    1. Yes, I love them. Hope you find yours soon too!


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