Thursday, January 21, 2016


Oh, I have so many plans... I want to start cooking more than the things I've been making over and over again for months now, I want to dust off my sewing machine (to use it), clean the house thoroughly, plan the garden (this year I will grow vegetables again)... the list goes on and on.
There's this deadline that has been bugging me. I've been working on this new (10th!) novel for almost a year now and I really, really wanted to finish it before 2016 started. I even promised my publisher I would.
Well, I didn't (luckily my publisher is very understanding about the health issues around here).

Then last week I thought I was finally getting there. I was on a roll, actually. But than I got sick again (just a normal case of the flu this time)...
So I guess this will be all (well, most) what I do for a few days (weeks?) more.

(luckily I like this story and the people in it - I just wish they would be more clear about where they're going)


  1. writing and writing! i hope your characters let you know how they plan to wrap things up! and i hope you feel well and stay well!