Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In my knitting basket

Since my basket seems to be bursting at its seams lately, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what's inside.

First a finished object. I've always loved the crochet grocery nets that pop up on blogs regularly, but I never felt up to the challenge to make one myself. Luckily I found this knitting pattern.

I still have to test the bag in real life, but it's amazing how much it stretches. I think I'll make some more soon. I already have some requests by my girls  ;-)

Next up: a cardigan. It's based on the Shalom pattern, but since I have thinner yarn and a bigger body than what the pattern is intended for, it will be different. I also want to be able to button it all the way down and if there is enough yarn left I'd like to add sleeves. So I guess it's only the yoke that's really based on the Shalom. Anyway, I think I will actually wear this one. The yarn is thrifted, but as far as I can tell it is real wool, so it will be a great warm sweater.

And then there's this. I was browsing my own archives a few weeks ago and I found the scrap blanket that I started knitting when Amanda Soule started hers. I found pictures of it that is, since I threw it away when I thought I would never be knitting again because of the pain in my hands. Well, I am knitting again, I still love seeing her blanket every once in a while and I was also slowly accumulating some odd balls of scrap yarn, so I thought I'd start one again.

Well. that's what's in my basket right now, except for the little pink pouch that holds my notions and a notebook. I am itching to cast on some other projects though. I like to think that I'm a one project-at-a-time-knitter, but sometimes I seem to catch a bit of startitis. And I'm already doing that blanket on the side, so... Hmnn ;-)


  1. your crocheted bag looks like professional! awesome!
    and the blue of your sweater is so very pretty!

    1. Yes, I love that blue! I was almost cheering when I saw it at the thrift shop and couldn't wait for another woman that was thinking about it to put it back...