Monday, January 18, 2016

An even warmer neck

The receiver of the white cowl (4th picture in this post) was pleased with the design, but she stated she would use a scarf when it was really cold, since it was rather wide and therefor not suitable for colder weather.
Hmn. Okay...
So I took the challenge and used the same yarn (two threads Sparkle byZeeman and 1 thread Royal by Zeeman held together) to knit another cowl, that would be closer to her neck. My first trial involved flaps and splits, but it looked awful, so I frogged that and knit this simple ribbed one.
Mission accomplished.

She doesn't really like how it looks though (I don't either, but it's practical and warm). Yesterday I saw that she solved that problem herself , by wearing the first, wider, cowl over this one, creating an even warmer cowl that looks great as well. I think she may be on to something...


  1. it does look warm!
    and i think the tight one inside a loose one wouldn't look strange at all. :)

    1. It is warm, and yes, it looks nice (wish I'd taken a picture, but I spotted it just when she was leaving late one night)