Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thrift store treasures (2)

Yesterday really was my lucky thrifting day. Besides the things I showed you yesterday I found The Chair.

I have been searching for The Chair for over a year now, to replace the Everybody-Has-One-of-These-Ikea-Chair. But I had a few requirements. It had to be small, sturdy (my family is not easy on chairs, they like to sit in ways that were not intended by the designers), antique or at least retro looking and cheap (since the other chair was still going strong it felt like unnecessary spending).

Yeah. Well. Not an easy list. I found sturdy, antique chairs that were way too big for our tiny living room. I found smaller, lighter chairs that wouldn't survive long (I tried one of those a few years ago) and I found perfect chairs that cost way too much.
So the Everybody-Has-One-of-These-Ikea-Chair and I learned to live with each other. It is rather sturdy after all (though we have to put the frame back together every once in a while), and the cover can easily be washed to remove all the coffee stains we make. It is too big, but the girls love sitting in it. I don't like that everyone seems to have this chair and I'm not really a big fan of Ikea, but it did the job.

Still, I kept looking for The Chair. And yesterday I found it. It looks retro, it's small, but comfy, sturdy and heavy, can survive sitting (and hanging) in every possible way and it was cheap. So I bought it.
I didn't see the label on the bottom until after I brought it home.
It's from Ikea.
Oh well. I still like it.


  1. it is a cute chair! i really like it!
    {it is from ikea. that is funny. :) }

    1. It passed the comfy test for the girls too ;-)