Well, yesterday it started raining before I got a chance to get outside. But today was an even sunnier day.
I thought I might go for a walk, but instead I worked in the front garden a bit. I never really did a proper "preparing for winter" clean up there, due to... well life happening.
I didn't quite finish pulling all the weeds and trimming all the plants today, but does look better. So there's that.
And I feel a whole lot better. And that's even more important (note to self: get outside!)


  1. outside always makes me feel better, too. i am going to get outside for at least two short bits today, while my class is at recess. the sun is shining here, and the temperature is climbing! not a trace of snow in sight. which is ok - dry roads for travel would be more than welcome!

    1. That's a great way to keep going outside. It must be weird for you not to have snow at this time of year, but I'm glad that means easier traveling.


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