Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good things

"You should take a picture of this for your blog," my father suggested.
"I only blog about good things," I protested.
"But these are the remains of something good," he stated.
He was right.
It was good.

Also good: leaving the dishes for the next morning (so tired!), and a girl that had to return to her own home, staying a bit longer to help me clean up. 


  1. i love that your dad suggested a picture for your blog. :)
    and yes - very good things!

    1. Yes, isn't that great? My parents are long-time blog readers (so is my aunt)

    2. i think my dad reads mine when i remind him to. ;)
      my mom needs a computer or ipad or something!! i always wish i could text or email her . . . instead, i text dad and tell him to "tell mom" or "show mom" whatever it is. ha!