Wednesday, December 30, 2015

For books

The fun thing about thrift shopping is that you hardly ever find things when you need them. And then suddenly you do.
At least that's how it works for me.
I've been looking for a small book case that I wanted to have next to the couch for months. At last I found a secretaire and loved it. A happy ending.

Last week I found the perfect book case. That I didn't need anymore, so I left it behind. But when I told my husband and daughter over lunch they asked why I didn't buy it to use upstairs (where most of our books live in ikea billy book cases). Oh yes. That's right. What was I thinking?
So I went back to the store and luckily it was still there. And now it's right where it belongs, at my side of the bed, filled with some of my favorite books.


  1. i love your little bookcase!
    i have plans for some more book display/storage in our house - slowly, but surely. :)
    also - i recognize the little table scarf. :)
    (i napped under my quilt from you today. cozy. also, it is the best extra layer on my side of the bed. just a hint more warmth for me than what ben needs.)

    1. Book storage is fun. And hard to find (if you want something nice). But it's also fun to make plans for it.
      Yes, I love that little table scarf ;-) The quilt you made is mostly tucked away safely, because I'm afraid to mess it up. I need to get over that and start to use it... I use the twin of your quilt on my bed too. And a wool blanket, since T. needs a lot less warmth than I do.

    2. you should use the quilt i made. :)
      if it starts to wear, you can stitch it up - you know how. ;)