Butterfly hat

After finishing the sweater-that-took-forever, I really wanted to make something small and easy. So, of course, I decided to make a hat. I also didn't want to think too much and make one up myself, so I went searching for a pattern.
I was browsing Soulemama's archives, when I found this hat she made. And I'm such a long-time die-hard fan that I remembered she had made one before. Both times I loved that hat when she posted it. It was worth a try.

So I made the Butterfly hat. It was just what I needed. It's simple, but with a nice little twist (those butterflies look wonderful, but are really easy to make). And the finished hat feels so soft and warm on my hat. I love it. The yarn is real wool from a bag of yarn my father found (someone was throwing it out and he saved it). I already made a cowl with it last year. If we do get a real winter after all, I'm all set ;-)