Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bright side

Last Sunday I finally finished my sweater.
It doesn't fit.
I know, that's sad. I was so optimistic about a lot of things when I started it in July. I thought I was finally knitting again and I expected to finish it in a few weeks. Also I had lost a few pounds at that time and I was convinced I was on my way back to a healthier weight and a smaller size. I wasn't. In fact, I gained the pounds back and then a few more. Ahem.

On the bright side: it did come out remarkably well, considering I didn't use a pattern. And maybe this is the little push I needed to start eating right again? It's cotton and definitely a summer sweater (hence the shorter sleeves - they're about 3/4) so there's still time.
We'll see. (it may also end up in one of the girls' closets)


  1. That's very impressive with no pattern! And you never know, New Year's Resolution to fit in the sweater?!

    1. Thanks, I wish I had written down what I did ;-)
      And yes, that's my idea too, but I've made resolutions like that for years now...