We had a good weekend. The older girls both visited (they have their own apartments now), we talked, we read, we listened to some good music, I finally remembered how much I love burning candles.
I want to cherish those moments.

Getting started

Done shopping, now for some wrapping and rhyming...

Halfway there

Or: why I didn't blog so much this week. I'm working on my 10th novel (deadline coming).


The rain storm was still right above us, but a little bit further away the sky was clear.


I was in Rotterdam again. This is "The White House". It used to be the tallest building in the city, but it isn't anymore.


 This morning he wasn't sitting next to the road, but on it and it wasn't easy to get him out of the way.

The people using it as a short cut to avoid traffic jams were not amused... (I was)


I could use some of the middle one right now...


I'm done with oiling the floor, moving on to the furniture... This is my idea of fun, I guess - it's been a long time since I could just turn the house upside down without anyone complaining of not being able to sit down, reach the couch or silly things like that ;-)


What I do when I have the house for myself for a few days... (don't worry, I'm also enjoying some time off ;-)   )


Trying to eat (snack) healthier...


It seems the light from the kitchen window (around the corner) is brighter and better then the light this plant gets straight from the big living room window (right in front of it)...


Today started with some breathtaking beauty.


I was in Rotterdam for a few hours.


Fall beauty...

(p.s. I'm finally admitting I've turned into a bit of a planner addict this past year. I even started a blog to talk about the things I've tried and learned: motuwethu)


Good morning! Coffee first, talk later ;-)