Monday, July 6, 2015

This weekend

:: we've done almost nothing at all, since we were having a heatwave that was supposed to break all records (it did, but not where we lived) and we tried to be careful. It was good, but I'm itchy to do something now (which is good, since it's Monday and a lot cooler and I have a todo list that is a mile long).

:: I started knitting something new before finishing what I was working on. That's not how I usually do it, but I found out the synthetic stuff I was working with was sort of melting in the heat. It was scratchy and my knitting felt clumsy and hard. It was actually a relief to go through that, since that's exactly how it felt when I first got sick, on CuraƧao. It's good to know that wasn't the joint pain that made it impossible to knit, it's just the combination of that yarn and the heat. Note to myself: buy better yarn especially to take with me on the next trip.

:: we watched our neighbours transferring their family, some guests, a party tent and  lots of food and drinks to the other side of the channel (and back again) in two tiny boats.

:: felt some of their enthusiasm rubbing off and sat at our bedroom window watching an empty road most of the afternoon to see this for just one minute:

That's the Tour de France rushing by.

:: enjoyed the weather cooling off and the rain falling down (no watering - yay!)

::  rested enough to actually feel up to dealing with the week to come. So I guess I'd better put down the laptop and get to it ;-)
Wishing you all a happy start of your week!

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