Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On the first of July

Hi, it's me...
I didn't fall off the face of earth, though it certainly felt like that a few times. The first half of 2015 wasn't excactly fun, but let's not get into that. Things are looking up now. I'm hoping for this second half to be a lot better.

I've been telling myself I didn't want to blog. I told myself to be aware of privacy problems, of Big Brother issues and of the internet not exactly being a nice, safe, happy place most of the time. And I was right.
But there's still that other side of it, the side where people try to focus on the good things, where people inspire each other to be happy or at least content and savor the moments. And that's the side I miss being a part off...

I'm still not sure though, so this is just a little try-out, doing what I've loved the most over those years of blogging. Taking pictures of flowers. My fingers were rusty and I think my camera was too. But here's some of the summery goodness I want to savor.

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