5 september 2014

The day starts with a neverending chore. You know the kind, it starts with one thing, but to finish hat you have to do another thing first. So I write a daily blog, want to add a link to a giveaway of my book, have to write that post first, want to link to the information on the book, but have to add the first chapter, which I still have to make a pdf off.

You know what? Here's a pretty red leaf.

And the last of the flowers on the honeysuckle. I like that name in English so much that I tend to have a hard to remember what it is in Dutch (kamerfoelie).

The sky looks boring too.

Today we celebrate me climbing over a gate in my wedding dress. Um no, we celebrate that we got married 24 years ago. But this is my favorite picture of the day. We look so young (well, we were) and happy.

Okay, so this is what I look now. When I try to look good, that is. We were going out for diner.
Anyway, I'm not 19 anymore ;-)

Another one from above, like lots of selfie takers do. I don't know about this. I don't think it will be a daily occurance...

The rest of the day I am a bad blogger, but a fun wife. So there are no pictures of:
- the nice restaurant we find after looking around (the restaurant we usually go to on aniversaries closed down)
- the traditional but great food
- the ice cream that is not on the menu, but they are willling to get us when we asked (dame blanche - vanilla icecream with hot chocolat sauce, yun!)
- the boy behind us that we overhear telling his mother "those people have normal ice cream!" Yep, sorry, little guy! ( the dessert menu was very grown up - cheese platter, creme brulee, things like that).


  1. Congratulations! And you still look very young for someone who's been married for 24 years! I think we're the same age- I hope I look as youthful as you...

    1. Thank you! I was a very young bride. I'm 43 now, but those pictures are rather flattering ;-)

  2. I'm 43 too- I got married at 22, which still raised a few eyebrows! I've been married a lot longer than most of my friends; my eldest is only 15 though.

    1. Yes, we were frowned upon too, but we just wanted to be together. And then I got pregnant immediately after our wedding (we knew we'd like to have children soon, thought it would take some time to happen, but it didn't), so the twins are 23 and our youngest is 21.

  3. i love your wedding picture. :)
    and i love your selfies. you are so pretty!
    and i'm so glad that you had a happy anniversary celebration!
    (we were married at 21 - we just knew we wanted to be together, as well. we'll celebrate #13 in november. and miss maddie just turned 11. isaac will be 10 in january.)
    love and hugs to you.


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