4 september 2014

Such a nice morning! (that sky looks black, but it was blue)

Lunch on the roof terrace

It seems to be one of those non-blogable days so here's a flower picture.

And another one.

What's that in the mail? Is it... Really?

Yes! Weeks earlier then I expected, but what does it matter? I'm really happy to have this one (#8) in my hands.

Trying to take a picture of all the books (the bigger books are large prints), but it's too sunny (no, that can't be right, it's never too sunny), so the ligthing is weird.

Preparing for a barbeque.
Again? On a normal Tuesday? Is there a special reason?

Possible answers:
1. Do we need a reason?
2. Yes, it was sunny
3. Yes, book #8
4. Yes, our E. finished writing her final paper today and is now officially done with her Master (she herself is celebrating with friends in Durham)

Right answer: all of the above

Of course he's there too, keeping an eye on the meat.

And happily sucking on a chicken bone (yes, sucking, not chewing, he's nearly toothless)


  1. Congratulations on your book! Come Home? Or Coming Home? I tried to translate the title. It must feel incredible to see all those books with your name on on your bookshelf. A well deserved barbecue!

    1. Yes, it means "come home", as in "I have come home". And yes, it does feel incredible. I never really can get used to the idea that I really am an author. ;-)

    2. Ah, so Homecoming maybe? Come Home sounds like an instruction :)

    3. Yes!, I think homecoming could be right. I guess titles are really hard to translate. My daughter (the one that just came home from studying translation in Durham) says most translated Dutch books have diffferent titles in English (so, not translated, but completely different).


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