1 september

I've been posting these picture diary blogposts in Dutch for a few weeks now, but I thought it would be fun to translate them and post them here too.

That looks great! I like blue skies. Makes me happy. And quite active too.

I'm doing the math about my breakfast. Eggs and bacon or yoghurt and muesli, not really a difference in kcals. Although I forgot the butter and that does add quite a few.

The rest of my day is filled doing glamorous things like vacuuming.

Cleaning the kitchen.


And making the bed. I finished everything I needed to do today. Must be the sunny weather.

I even wrote 1000 words, to get to that milestone. Need to write 13500 more to finish this short novel.

I even made some soup.

I went up to the roof terrace to pick some lettuce and found a beautiful sky.

And something beautiful in the lettuce, but that does mean the end of two months of picking. Still, not bad!