In my garden

My little companion planting experiment is doing great. I need to remember to sow a bit less next year, since it's too full, but the idea works out. I've got loads of zucchinis, am spotting beans everywhere and the corn is growing like crazy.

20140804 (1) (Small)

20140804 (3) (Small)

20140804 (4) (Small)

20140804 (5) (Small)

20140804 (6) (Small)

The other bed is doing well too. The red beets are ready to be harvested, we'll have to eat lots of endives again and I planted leek everywhere I could find the space for it. The little spot in the right hand corner where I planted lettuce is taken over by leeks too, the snails kept eating the little lettuce leaves before I could even see them.

20140804 (2) (Small)

20140804 (7) (Small)

20140804 (8) (Small)

Now to find a spot for the other leek seedlings. I sowed a bit too much...

20140804 (9) (Small)

On the roof terrace the lettuce is doing wonderful. No snails in sight. We already ate five or six meals and it just keeps growing back. Definitely going to do this again next year!

20140804 (10) (Small)

Things are looking a lot better then I thought they'd do. Considering I was away from home in February and March, sick in April, only started thinking about the garden late May or something (more or less giving up on it) and still can't use the biggest bed (it needs to be filled again), I'm having a really nice harvest.