In my garden

This week is so busy... but I did find a little bit of time for a quick garden update:

20140710 (1) (Large)

The lettuce is doing great and the snails haven’t found it yet (hmn, hope I didn’t jinx myself now).

20140710 (2) (Large)

Finally blooming (they needed lots of water and that’s what they got these last few days; we had lots of rain).

20140710 (3) (Large)

It seems some of my lettuce seeds finally decided to start coming up.

20140710 (4) (Large)

Chamomile is doing great.

20140710 (5) (Large)

Almost time to harvest these.

20140710 (6) (Large)

Uh, I think this is a weed. I do like how it looks though.

20140710 (7) (Large)

Borage again. Always buzzing with bumble bees.


  1. Very nice! I love the bumble bee in the borage.

    My garden tour this week comes from the high tunnel.

  2. you have lettuce and zucchini to eat! and sunshine!


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