A rainbow around my neck

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The girls got me this five colors of yarn this Sinterklaas. Almost all the colors of the rainbow. I loved it, but I had a hard time deciding what to do with it. I started making a pillowcase, then cast on for a little sweater for KAS, frogged that, knit some squares for KAs and finally made a hat in the blue green yarn.
And then, finally my creative mind started working again. I finally knew what to make with these colors. So I cast on 300 or so stitches (forgot to count) and just kept knitting row after row, switching colors every row and letting the ends hang by the side. When the first color ran out (green – I made two squares with that color) I cast off, tied the ends together (all five colors in one knot) and cut them straight (they don’t look straight in the picture, but they are). Simple, but I do like the result. It’s narrow (because I ran out of the green), but long, so I can wear it double.

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So what has that silly elephant (I brought it with me from South Africa) to do with it? Well, nothing actually. I just noticed that it had the same colors ;-)