Monday, June 23, 2014

In my garden

I haven’t had much time and energy to actually do some actual gardening. So, my garden is from from looking as good as it did last year. But still, there are things that are doing great despite my neglect.

I didn’t do really well planting these “three sisters”. I just put everything (corn, beans, zucchini) in the ground at once and didn’t realize you’re supposed to start with the corn and add the rest later. And that seems the right way, since my corn isn’t high enough yet to support the beans. But we’ll see how this ends. These are all easy-to-grow vegetables after all.

20140623 (1) (Large)

My strawberries are going strong. I completely ignore them, but each year they come back and give me some wonderful sweet treats.
 20140623 (2) (Large)

20140623 (5) (Large)

The borage is doing great too. It’s really big and healthy (I bought just one small plant). I haven’t tried eating it yet (both the leaves and the flowers are supposed to be edible), but I love how it looks, especially when the sun is shining.
 20140623 (3) (Large)

Radish. Also an easy grower. I had a really nice little harvest and immediately sowed some more.

20140623 (4) (Large)

And while I was at it, I also sowed some lettuce. The snails got my first try, but let’s see if they’re willing to share this time ;-)


  1. You've reminded me to go and plant more radishes!

    I like putting borage flowers in ice cubes :)

    1. Oh that's a great idea! I'm going to try that!