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Hi there! (just assuming someone is actually still following this blog).
So, I’ve been MIA for about two months. Why? Let’s just say life got in the way. Again. As always. And there was some silly chemical imbalance thing happening in my brain, causing depression. Again. But I’m getting there and I’m sort of eager to pick up some of the things I love doing so much, but just couldn’t work up the energy for. Starting with blogging and photography.
I have been overthinking my blog and what to do with it way too much, and finally decided to just blog just like I did before. It seems I’m always looking for my blogging style and my blogging voice, but maybe I just need to relax and post about the things I like when I feel like it.

Anyway. This is what started me wanting to blog again. My garden is starting to work it’s miracles (even though I didn't really do much in it) and my fingers were itching to get out the camera and document it.

I have lots of lavender this year. This part of the garden (a narrow strip next to the house and driveway) did not exactly turn out like the neat little line of plants I thought it would be, it’s going wild. And I love it.

20140602 (1) (Large)

20140602 (2) (Large)

Marigolds. Also one of my favorites. I think I want to sow more.

20140602 (3) (Large)

Borage (I think)

20140602 (4) (Large)

Leeks. Lots of them. Last year they survived winter (not that we had a real one) and we ate them in April. Got to love fresh food from the garden in early spring. So I’m trying to do that again.

20140602 (5) (Large)

This is an experiment: three sister planting. Beans, corn and zucchini . They are supposed to work very well together. We’ll see how that goes…

20140602 (6) (Large)


  1. I'm still here!
    Sorry to hear about your depression- glad you're beginning to feel brighter. It's good to have you back.

    The lavender looks beautiful. I can't get it to grow in my garden- it's heavy clay and it doesn't like it, sadly.

    1. Thank you!
      Too bad you can't grow lavender, it's so beautiful and it smells great. In our front garden it isn't doing too well either (also heavy clay). Maybe you could try it in a container or a raised bed?

  2. your lavender and marigolds are so bright and happy! and growing wildly is more my style than growing in a straight line. :)

    when you aren't blogging, i think of you often and send well-wishes and prayers for rest and rejuvenation to you and for you.

    (have you ever gotten your thyroid checked? i am on thyroid medication - mine is very low-functioning - and when i am supporting my thyroid well, taking my medications as directed and eating well and getting some fresh air and exercise and enough sleep, i feel so much better mentally and physically. when i am not supporting my thyroid, i am a mess. especially mentally. very down, very anxious, very crabby and snappy. so . . . just a thought!)

    hugs to you, G! and i love when you blog - pictures, words, whatever!

    1. No, I never got that checked, but it's one of the things I know could be wrong with me. Our doctor isn't very supportive of these things however, he usually just tells us not to work so hard (he himself works only part time because of burnout). So medication will be hard to come by, but the rest... yes, those things help. It's just hard to keep it up sometimes ;-)
      And thank you for thinking of me and praying.


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