Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A lovely weekend

Well. that didn’t go too well. Blogposts have been written in my mind, but never for real. And photos did not get taken. Oh well. Let’s try again.

We had a wonderful, long weekend (Pentecost is Sunday and Monday here). It was hot and sunny and we spent a lot of time outside. I worked in the garden a bit, mostly pulling weeds.
And we went on a drive around our own little country. It’s funny how we had a hard time to pick up doing that after enjoying it so much on CuraƧao.
But it was great when we finally did. We even went some places we’ve never been before and still it wasn’t too far from home (about half an hour). Then, when we came home, we had a lovely little barbecue with two of the girls. Now if I only could remember to take pictures of things like that again… ;-)

I do have these two:

20140610a (1) (Large)
Watching ships go by at the Maas (Rotterdam)

20140610a (Large)
Took a ferry to cross the Lek 


  1. so glad you were out driving together. :)
    ben and i and the kids hop in our jeep and go for drives a lot of evenings and saturdays. and often when we are out, i think i should be taking pictures of the countryside . . . maybe sometime this summer i will!
    also, summer barbeques are the best!

    1. I often forget to take pictures too, but I would love to see your countryside.
      And yes, days like these (still) are the best days ;-)