A bit of thrifting

I did a bit of thrifting today and I thought it would be fun to take you with me. Wanna come?

20140625a (1) (Large)
I didn’t buy any of this, but now I regret it. That little tin (1 euro) is so beautiful. And I also love that iron cup on the right. It looks and feels handmade and it was only 50 cents.

20140625a (2) (Large)
I liked these too. Cast iron feet, nice glass. But I have no place to put them, so I left them behind.

20140625a (3) (Large)
Metal seems to be a theme today, since these three are metal too. I don’t like the color, but I do like the design. And it was only 5 euro for the three of them.

 20140625a (4) (Large)
I love, love love sewing baskets and this one almost came home with me. But I don’t really need it, so I put it back. Oh if only I wasn’t so reasonable…

 20140625a (5) (Large)
Only 5 euro for all these tennisballs. If I had (small) kids or dogs I would have taken them…

20140625a (6) (Large)
Yeah right. I don’t think so.

 20140625a (8) (Large)
I wish he could, maybe then this cute dress/tunic would have fit me.

20140625a (7) (Large)
Funny, I realized this morning that sofa’s like this catch my eye because one of my most favorite bloggers has one (and blogged a lot about wanting one before she got it). Luckily her blog also tells me it doesn’t work for a family to hang out on and since I don’t have a library nor a studio it stayed right where it was, saving me 250 euro (and a lot of dismay from my family too, I think).

20140625a (9) (Large)
This makes me feel nostalgic, although I know we never had one at home. I didn’t buy it, since I never use gadgets like this (I’ve had some).

20140625a (10) (Large)
Of course there were plates and dishes and bowls calling my name. There always are. If my house wasn’t so small I’d have an incredible amount of these.

20140625a (11) (Large)
Blue ivy? Hmn… not sure. Which is fine, since there were a lot of these to be found in the piles of plates in the second store I visited.

20140625a (12) (Large)
Never use cups and saucers, so I’m not allowed to buy them. But I did like the blue ones.

20140625a (13) (Large)
I always think it’s a bit sad to find these homemade paintings in a thrift shop. This one was kind of nice. But I also don’t have a lot of walls to cover, so I left it there.

20140625a (14) (Large)
Always checking to see if a piece of furniture is good handwork. This is.

 20140625a (15) (Large)
To be honest I really, really want this little dresser. If only to save the beautiful wood from being covered with chalkpaint which seems to be the thing to do lately (sometimes it’s nice, but in this case it would be a shame – imho). But I have yet to think of a good spot for it, so I fear it’s doomed.

20140625a (17) (Large) No, bookcase. I know you’ve been trying to talk me in to buying you for weeks now, but I just don’t have room for you. Even though you have the perfect shallow shelves that fit just one row of books. I do like that very much, you know that. But I’d have to buy another house to fit you in and that would be way too expensive, don’t you think?

Well, there you have it. Sixteen pictures of things I didn’t buy. I saved so much money ;-)
But what did I buy, you ask?

20140625a (18) (Large)
This. A Staub Dutch oven. It was 7,50 euro and that’s really cheap (look here for proof of that). And I know I’ll use it a lot (I have another one, but this one is smaller- which is good when kids are moving out).

Yep, that’s what I call a happy ending to a fun bit of thrifting ;-)


  1. what fun. :)
    i agree - the top pic - the tin and little cup should have come home with you . . .
    and the dresser is gorgeous!
    so is the sofa.
    i laughed out loud at the "i can make you thin"
    and i like the dress, too.

    1. I'm tempted to go back and see if the tin is still there. Maybe I will on my next shopping round ;-)


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