Not vacationing

Oh, I do owe you guys an update, don’t I? It’s really been too long.

But there just isn’t that much to tell. We arrived safely in Willemstad, CuraƧao and are happily working on our normal things. I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I finished the other half of a book that I wrote in November. Such a great story to write. I loved both the female and the male main character. They were different from what you’d expect in a romance novel, but that’s okay. I’m not writing for Harlequin.
I love that this guy has a beard and is quite the hippie (but in a good way, not the pot-smoking kind) and that this girl is discovering that she is in fact a strong woman, despite her handicap.

Which may be a funny thing to think about when you’re on a Caribean island, but that’s the way it goes for us. We’re not vacationing, we’re sort of living here now.

We did do some exploring though and I even took some pictures along the way. So much for my “daily picture" ideas, but who knows when the mood strikes again.

Here’s what I do have:

A little beach near our apartment

Small harbour, fish delivered directly to restaurants on the right (I had red snapper)

Emmabrug, colorful lit

The colors on the bows change every 20 seconds...

Don't know what this bird is called, but I love his song

Flowering cactus, or a flower living on a cactus, I'm not sure

Bananaguit (in Dutch it's called sugarthief for obvious reasons) eying our wine


  1. I'm so envious! Here it's raining. Again. It's blowing a gale and my chicken run has turned to mud. I want to be in the Caribbean!!

    Well done on finishing your book :)

    1. It's the same in the Netherlands, I hear. It has been raining here too though, but it's just short showers and still warm. It feels totally different. ;-)


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